Nonduality at Juniper Level

Welcome to the study and insightful teachings of a nondual philosophy at Juniper Level Botanic Garden.

The botanic garden's unique setting offers a quiet refuge for hosting self inquiry groups, classes, and nonduality retreats and for noticing the impersonal nature of aware presence through the creative and meditative tools of self inquiry, friendship, community, and silence.

Established in 2013, Nonduality at Juniper Level offers retreats and classes facilitated by Anita Avent with guest speakers including Paul Hedderman, Paul Constant, Jan Frazier, Bob Cergol, Art Ticknor, Jenny Clarke and Doug White.

A Christian pilgrim for more than 45 years, Anita experienced a radical shift of perception and a complete falling away of the personal identity in 2011 revealing only a timeless, indivisible, and infinite impersonal awareness. After living several years in seclusion, she now shares her unfiltered and raw seeing with those pilgrims asking deeper philosophical questions.

Detailed information about nondualism is here: Wikipedia

For more information please visit Anita's website AnitaAvent.