Alan Galloway - Late JLBG Adjunct Researcher

We were saddened by the passing, but pleased to have had plantsman Alan Galloway as an adjunct member of our Juniper Level Botanic Garden research faculty. Alan, who resided in Raleigh, North Carolina, was the world's leading Amorphophallus/Typhonium (Araceae) explorer/researcher. To date Alan is credited with the discovery of 24 new plant species, with many more in the publication pipeline.

Alan was a native North Carolinian who grew up on a farm in Brunswick County, NC, where he developed his love for plants and the natural world. After graduating from UNC-Wilmington with a Computer Science degree, and working for his alma mater for two years, he moved to Raleigh. In Raleigh, Alan worked at NC State University in IT administration and management for 30 years, until retiring in 2018.

In his spare time, Alan made over 20 international botanical exploration trips to the Mediterranean and remote parts of SE Asia in search of new undiscovered species and unique plant forms.

His amazing home garden, held the world's largest species collection of Amorphophallus and Typhonium, including 2 plants named in his honor: Amorphophallus gallowayi and Typhonium gallowayi. Alan's discoveries are grown in the finest botanical gardens and collections around the world.

Alan discovered, authored, or co-authored descriptions for the following new species of aroids:

  1. Amorphophallus crispifolius
  2. Amorphophallus brevipetiolatus
  3. Amorphophallus croatii
  4. Amorphophallus arcuspadix
  5. Amorphophallus serrulatus
  6. Amorphophallus reflexus
  7. Amorphophallus ongsakulii
  8. Amorphophallus myosuroides
  9. Amorphophallus schmidtiae
  10. Amorphophallus barbatus
  11. Amorphophallus claudelii
  12. Amorphophallus khammouanensis
  13. Amorphophallus prolificus
  14. Amorphophallus bolikhamxayensis
  15. Amorphophallus ferruginosus
  16. Typhonium rhizomatosum
  17. Typhonium viridispathum
  18. Typhonium supraneeae
  19. Typhonium conchiforme
  20. Typhonium sinhabaedyai
  21. Typhonium khonkaenensis
  22. Typhonium attapeuensis
  23. Typhonium tubispathum
  24. Aspidistra gracilis