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Why buy our plants?

A key component of the JLBG philosophy is to make all garden-worthy plants widely available, especially those which may be rare or extinct in their natural habitat. Every plant you purchase supports our ex-situ conservation efforts and helps preserve botanic diversity.

From our garden to yours

Find your new garden gem at Plant Delights Nursery

JLBG’s mission is to promote and preserve botanic diversity through plant exploration, ex-situ plant conservation, research, trials, education, breeding, and propagation. We share our plants with the gardeners all over the world through our sales and nursery arm, Plant Delights Nursery, Inc – THE Source for unique, rare and native perennial plants.

To date, JLBG has been completely supported by a portion of revenues from Plant Delights Nursery, with a current operational funding level of $500,000 annually. With every plant purchase, 15% of sales supports JLBG’s mission and as a result we now display over 27,000 taxa (different kinds of plants) in the gardens. At any one time, 1,200–1,500 perennial plants are available for purchase in our nursery. We encourage you to peak at the variety of plants available, as we know you will cherish your purchase and be proud to have contributed to JLBG’s conservation efforts.

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