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Juniper Level Botanic Garden ​

One of the largest and most diverse plant collections in the world.

Our mission

Collect, study, preserve, propagate and share plants for a better world

The mission of Juniper Level Botanic Garden is to promote botanical diversity by assembling the largest collection possible of growable, winter/summer hardy ornamental plants for our region and display them in an aesthetic, sustainably-maintained, healthy garden setting. This philosophy includes obtaining plants from all over the world with a strong emphasis on North American native plants, realizing that these are, as a group, no more or less adaptable than plants from foreign lands. Plants are obtained through plant exploration, plant breeding, as well as exchange and purchase from other botanic gardens and horticultural experts.

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A special place​

Juniper Level Botanic Garden is an 8-acre educational, research, and display garden filled with more than 27,000 taxa of plants, including native perennials, exotic plants, rare delights, and an array of incredible and unusual specimen trees and shrubs you won’t see anywhere else in the world.

The garden was designed using the philosophy of “drifts of one” to house and showcase a diverse collection of ornamental plants in an aesthetic and relaxed setting. Juniper Level Botanic Garden has evolved into one of the largest ex-situ plant collections in the world. The garden is designed for year-round interest with peak season from late April through mid-October.


Years since established


Thousand different taxa

Our History​

JLBG was established in 1986 when Raleigh native Tony Avent and his wife Michelle purchased a 2.2 acre abandoned sandy loam tobacco field in the community of Juniper in Southern Wake County (central North Carolina). 

The garden name originated from “junipers” which used to grow along nearby Juniper Branch. These plants were Chamaecyparis thyoides. The southern term “Level” is used for the flat areas between creeks, hence the community name, Juniper Level.



Breaking ground

Tony and Michelle purchase a home on 2.2 acres, garden construction begins on the Founders Garden. Plant Delights Nursery is simultaneously established.


First expansion

The Avents purchase 5.25 acres of adjoining property expanding the garden and nursery area. The old house becomes office space for the nursery and garden. This section becomes Michelle’s Garden.


Second expansion

The Avents purchase 11 acres of adjacent property for parking, expanded production, research, plant trials, evaluations and woody plant collections.


Third expansion

The Avents purchase 3.66 acres from the estate of the late Eddy Souto. Half of the property is devoted to field production, while the other half becomes the full sun Souto Garden.


Yde Horse Farm purchase

The Avents need to build a new home outside of the public area of JLBG. Two acres of the property are dedicated to parking lot expansion, while the remaining four become the new home and Anita’s Garden. This brings the size of JLBG to 28 acres.


Crevice garden construction

The 300 feet long habitat for ultra dryland, alkaline-loving plants, is made of nearly 200 tons of recycled concrete and takes 3 years to complete.

Open Garden and Nursery Days

We are open to the public four times a year, two weekends each.

Open Garden and Nursery Days

We are open to the public four times a year, two weekends each.

Become a JLBG garden member

As a founding member you will be helping to support the much-needed increase in staffing and maintenance of the collection and garden as we work towards the public garden transition. You are also increasing our ability to reach and educate the growing numbers of visitors in our rapidly expanding community.


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Expanded benefits for an intermediate gardener who is looking to deepen their knowledge.


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Top tier package for people who share our vision and want to ensure the future of JLBG.


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Educational resources​

Expand your gardening knowledge by reading our plant articles, watching gardening videos and signing up for classes and events.

The Latest from
The Blog

Our daily garden blog offers a peak into the array of exciting horticultural happenings at JLBG, that most folks aren’t around to see. Occasionally, we share some important news from the industry of even hop up on the soapbox when we feel the need warrants.

Veronica 'Georgia Blue'

A Pool of Blue

Occasionally some plants engender the reaction that it aught to be in most gardens, followed by the disbelief that it is not seen just everywhere. Who wouldn’t want a pool…

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Dicentra exima

Cultivars – Evil or Misunderstood?

It’s shocking the number of articles, both in print and on-line that demean plant cultivars, as though they are the scourge of the natural world. These articles repeatedly proclaim that…

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Pinus thunbergii 'Banshosho'

Watch for Banshoshos in the Garden

Looking lovely in the gardens this month is the dwarf Japanese black pine, Pinus thunbergii ‘Banshosho’. Our five year old plant is now 2′ tall x 4′ wide. Most catalogs…

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Callicarpa acuminata

Mexican Beautyberry

Looking lovely in late winter is the Mexican beautyberry, Callicarpa acuminata. Long after most beautyberry fruit has been long gone, the tawny purple fruit of Callicarpa acuminata ripen. The Mexican…

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Nolina erumpens

Curly Bear Grass

We love the curled leaf tips of Nolina erumpens as the afternoon sun lights the clump. This bear grass is native to the border region of Texas and New Mexico….

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Hamamelis x intermedia 'Strawberries & Cream'

Fruity Witch Hazel

Looking lovely today is the witch hazel, Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Strawberries & Cream’. This is always a sign that spring isn’t far away. Join us this weekend and next, Feb….

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