Photography policy

Visitors to Juniper Level Botanic Garden are welcome to photograph and video the plants and gardens for personal use. Professional, commercial, portrait, and group photography and videography is not permitted.

Can I bring my tripod?

Photography equipment is permitted, but please do not block pathways or disturb other visitors.

The plant label is in the way, can I take it out?

Please do not remove labels. It takes a tremendous effort for our taxonomy team to keep all the plants correctly labeled.

The plant is a bit far away, can I step on the bed to get closer?

Please remain on the designated paths, and not on the mulched plant beds. These areas protect small plants, some are extremely rare, and the roots of other plants.

We want a picture hugging this beautiful tree. Is that ok?

Please do not stage a photograph in the plantings or trees. Every square foot of our garden beds is home to a plant even if you don’t see it. Plants may be dormant not only in winter, but also in spring, summer and fall.

Beautiful place, can we take graduation pictures here?

Yes, if you are using your own camera. Professional photography is not allowed.

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