Our plants

We are not just a beautiful garden; we are a conservation garden, as well as a research facility for plant study, breeding, propagation, and distribution.

Specialty collections

We have concentrated our research, breeding, and conservation activities on several groups of plants that are near and dear to our gardening hearts.

Crinum collection

Plant breeding

JLBG not only conserves genetics, but also puts a lot of effort into creating new ones. Our plant hybridization and breeding program has created hundreds of new plants the genus agave, amorphophallus, arisaema, baptisia, crinum, epimedium, hardy amaryllids, mahonia, mangave, polygonatum, rohdea, trillium, and yucca.

Our introductions

JLBG and Plant Delights Nursery have introduced 1,440 new plant species, cultivars or hybrids to horticulture. 

Coming soon

Plant list

Please excuse what is a work in progress, but it is our hope to eventually direct all Juniper Level Botanic Garden (JLBG) label QR code scans to a resource where you can get more information about each plant. In the meantime, explore our list of useful resources.

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