Plant conservation

Our approach is a little different from most botanic gardens. We focus on ex-situ conservation rather than preserving habitats, in addition to adopting and maintaining plant collections of visionary plant breeders.

Plant adaptation

With the climate continuing to change, much of our focus is spent studying the adaptation of plants to the new climatic paradigm. We are concerned that too much time is spent on the hand wringing of those who wish climate change wasn’t happening, instead of learning to cope, and embracing the changing conditions.

Invasive plants

In addition to studying adaptability of new plants, we are also keenly focused on evaluating their potential garden weediness as well as their proclivity to become invasive species. New plants are carefully evaluated at JLBG and at other cooperating sites. JLBG adheres to the Botanical Garden and Nursery Codes of Conduct as adopted at the 2001 St. Louis Summit on Invasive Plants and encourages other institutions to do the same.

Phytolacca americana 'Silberstein'

Expedition logs

Why do we do plant exploration and what’s a plant exploration log? Well, sit back, get comfortable, and I’ll try and make a short story long.

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