Image use policy

All of the images on JLBG website are copyrighted and cannot be used for any purpose without express permission. If you request the use of an image for which we do not own the copyright, we will refer you to the copyright owner. 

About the images on our website

All of the images on the Juniper Level Botanic Garden website were captured by Tony and Anita Avent, and JLBG staff, unless otherwise identified. These images are copyrighted and cannot be used for any purpose without express permission from JLBG. Please send all image use requests to

Please remember, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) allows the owners of a stolen copyrighted image to require your ISP to either remove the stolen image or remove your website entirely. (

Images don’t just happen

In the case of plants, images don’t just happen. If they did, everyone would have them. To get a plant image, you first must have obtained or developed the plant. Next, you must have grown the plant and have it growing well enough to take a good image. Again, if everyone were a good gardener, then everyone could take their own images. Additionally, if you’ve mastered the above, you’ve still got to make sacrifices to get the images you want. That could be as simple as postponing a trip, meeting, or other social activity to snap an image of the plant at peak bloom. Then there are those pesky lighting issues that send you running outdoors before a cloud passes too far over and the bright sun re-appears. There are also those that travel and shoot images in the gardens of others. If you think this is free, think again. For those of us who have used slides most of our lives, we are still recovering those costs. Digital images certainly make it easier and less costly to discard the thousands of images that don’t quite measure up. We hope this helps you understand the value of plant images.

Image use guidelines

We are happy to provide images in certain cases. Please contact us at to request images.

Group 1

Permission is usually granted at no charge for the following cases. Requirements are that Juniper Level Botanic Garden is credited and our website URL is included.

Non-Profit Organizations for non-commercial use
Publications about JLBG or those featuring a plant that JLBG displays.
Promotion for an event which JLBG is sponsoring or participating.
Individuals or gardens which regularly furnish us with images on an equal basis.
Individuals or gardens with which we have an established mutually beneficial agreement other than image exchange.
Personal, non-commercial use of the image
Group 2

Permission is usually granted for a $100 one-time charge.

Commercial applications such as wholesale nursery tags, nursery catalogs, or website. Use is granted for one purpose only.
Magazines featuring plants that JLBG does not currently display.
Magazines writing about plants where JLBG is listed as one of the sources and the other sources are not furnishing photos, but will benefit from the use of a JLBG photo.
Gardening books
Group 3

Permission is usually not granted.

Retail mail order nurseries with whom we do not have an established exchange program.
Businesses and organizations whose reputations are less than stellar due to any number of circumspect activities.
Group 4

Permission is not granted + a free trip to an ice-fishing hole of our choice…in mid-summer (cinder blocks and rope also included).

Individuals or businesses who have previously stolen images or used images without permission.
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