Frequently Asked Questions

Please review this information prior to your visit. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please use the Contact Us page to send us a message.

Is the garden handicap accessible?

Yes, most of the garden is handicapped accessible. We have paved paths, gravel paths, and mulched paths.

Are there places to sit in the garden?

Yes. Please sit and relax in the garden and use the chairs, decks, picnic tables, and other seating provided.

Is it ok to eat in the garden?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own meals and eat in the garden, with a scheduled appointment. During Open House days, there will also be a food truck on site. Please carry all trash out, we have disposal containers on site.

Can I bring my pet?

We allow service animals on all of the public areas and limit other dogs to stay on the paved, stoned and gravel surfaces. Pets that can be carried on your person (purse puppies, bubble backpack cats, leashed pocket lizards, etc.) are allowed. Please understand that we have free range garden cats and spiny plants and it is your responsibility to keep your pet safe.

Is it ok if my kids run around?

We welcome children who want to learn about the natural world, but please understand that the garden is a botanical collection for research, study, and preservation. It is not a playground or a place to run, for both the safety of the plants and for all visitors.

It is also extremely important to walk only on the garden paths and not step into the beds.  Stepping into the beds often spells death for small and very rare plants.

I take my camera everywhere I go. What’s your photography policy?

Visitors to Juniper Level Botanic Garden are welcome to photograph and video the plants and gardens for non-commercial and personal use only. All other photography and videography, including professional, commercial, portrait, and group photography, is not permitted.

Please do not move benches or labels, stage children in trees or plantings, or block pathways with equipment.

Can I buy plants from the garden?

Plant Delights, our on-site retail outlet, has over 1500 different kinds of plants for sale at any one time. Most of these are propagated from the garden. No plants, however, are sold directly from the garden.  If you see a particular plant of interest, please let the staff know, and we’ll see if we can propagate it in the future.

I found a plant I like, should I take the tag and bring it to check-out?

Please feel free to photograph tags, but do not move or remove them. If you have a plant identification question, please find garden staff who can assist with plant identification. Each moved or missing tag costs us between $50-$100 in labor to re-tag.

Is it okay to touch or taste the plants in the garden?

Please feel free to gently touch, feel, smell, and listen to the plants, if you like. Of the five human senses, only taste is not allowed. Many ornamental and even edible plants can be highly toxic if eaten at the wrong time or in the wrong amount. Those include hellebores, any plants in the Solanaceae, even everyone’s favorite, narcissus.

Is it ok if I smoke in the garden?

While we have no rules against spontaneous combustion, we do request that you refrain from intentionally burning dead plants in the garden. Part of the allure of the garden is to enjoy the fragrance from the living plants, not from burning tobacco or cannabis. For those with a nicotine addiction, you are allowed to use tobacco in the parking lot, but we request you consider including the JLBG endowment in your will/estate plan, which we encourage you to promptly write/update. Please do not leave cigarette butts behind.

I see a plant I like, but you don’t sell it, or I’m just too cheap. Can I just take cuttings or seed and propagate them myself?

In short, No! Please do not take cuttings or seeds. We are a research garden and often wait years for the seeds to appear, or to have enough cuttings to put a plant in production. Please ask if you would like a cutting or seeds since we are sometimes able to share plants that we don’t have propagated for sale.

Can we rent the garden for a special event?

Not currently. We hope to eventually make this option available, but that will require the hiring of event coordination staff, that we currently don’t have.

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