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We have generated many videos over the years covering seasonal topics, plants spotlights, propagation techniques, plant care, etc. Many of these are recordings of our popular Gardening Unplugged mini lectures that we offer during the Open Nursery and Garden Days. These videos offer valuable insight to zone 7b gardening for beginner gardeners, people who recently moved to the area, and even experienced green thumb folk.

While we continue to work on our website, the video links will open on Plant Delights YouTube Channel. You can find all of our videos there. If you like our content, please leave a comment, like and subscribe.

Recent videos

Planting peonies in fall
Plant care

Planting peonies in fall: how to plant herbaceous and intersectional peonies with Doug Ruhren

Do you avoid planting peonies in fall for the fear of your precious plants getting damaged by the cold weather? Well fear not! Fall is the best time to plant winter hardy spring blooming plants, like peonies. While the foliage is dormant, the roots often remain active helping the plant establish faster and flower better once the weather warms up. Planting peonies is quite easy, especially if you follow Doug’s tips.

Plant spotlight

Fall blooming perennials – 4 beautiful selections that are in full bloom in November!

In this video our Garden Curator Doug Ruhren spotlights his favorite fall blooming perennials at this time of the year (early November). These easy to grow, sun loving, drought tolerant plants make a great addition to a pollinator garden, a naturalized area, or a perennial border.

Plants that attract birds video
Gardening Unplugged

Plants that attract birds to your garden with Zac Hill

Did you know that some birds like to eat flowers? In this video our taxonomist and bird watcher Zac Hill discusses trees, shrubs, and perennials that attract finches, waxwings, chickadees, hummingbirds, and other species of birds to your garden. Learn which trees are the best host plants for caterpillars that feed the baby birds, and which shrubs and perennials are favorite on our feathered friends’ menu.

Plant propagation

Agave propagation: How to divide Agave and root cuttings with Aaron Selby

Do you have an Agave that produces offsets or runners in the pot? In this video our Nursery Production Supervisor Aaron Selby demonstrates the technique of dividing century plants from offsets and runners. No roots? No problem. Learn the process and products we use to turn rootless offsets into healthy rooted plants. You can use the division techniques to propagate your plants and to keep the large potted specimens tidy.

Plant propagation

Agave propagation: How to Crosscut/Scoop Agave to make it offset with Aaron Selby

Have you ever wondered how nurseries increase their Century plant stock? In this video our Nursery Production Supervisor Aaron Selby demonstrates a technique of removing the central meristem to stimulate the production of offsets. This technique is used to propagate Agave clonally to preserve their genetics and phenotype (appearance).

Education series

During each day of our Open Nursery & Garden Days we offer free mini-lectures as part of our educational outreach. These 15-30 minute discussions focus on seasonally prominent topics, plant spotlights and garden design ideas. Join Tony and our expert horticultural staff as we explore all that nature has to offer.

Meet us at the Welcome Tent to attend!

Winter 2024 Schedule

Friday, February 23 @ 10 am – Trees for the Winter Garden (Tony Avent)
Friday, February 23 @ 2 pm – Dormant Woody Propagation (Aaron Selby)
Saturday, February 24 @ 10 am – Cyclamen for Winter Foliage (Kevin Stephens)
Saturday, February 24 @ 2 pm – Hellebores: Winter Roses (Tony Avent)
Sunday, February 25 @ 10 am – Doug’s Bloomers (Doug Ruhren)
Sunday, February 25 @ 2 pm – Architectural Plants (Doug Ruhren)
Friday, March 1 @ 10 am – Dividing Perennials in Winter (Aaron Selby)
Friday, March 1 @ 2 pm – Southeast Native Trilliums (Zac Hill)
Saturday, March 2 @ 10 am – Logan’s Bloomers (Logan Clark)
Saturday, March 2 @ 2 pm – Hellebores: Winter Roses (Doug Ruhren)
Sunday, March 3 @ 10 am – Palms and Cycads (Bill Reynolds)
Sunday, March 3 @ 2 pm – Fragrant Winter Flowers (Logan Clark)

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