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Winter berm garden

Juniper Level Botanic Garden Quarterly Newsletter – Winter 2024

Founder’s Message Happy New Year!  It is with great joy that we share our inaugural Juniper Level Botanic Garden Members Newsletter. We have been hoping to get our membership program started for several years, but it’s finally getting off the ground beginning January 1, 2024. Everyone joining this year will be forever known as JLBG […]

Juniper Level Botanic Garden Quarterly Newsletter – Winter 2024 Read More »

Tephrosia virginiana

A Legendary Legume

I’m amazed that everyone with a dry sun garden doesn’t grow the amazing native (Wisconsin south to Florida) legume, Tephrosia virginiana, commonly known as Virginia goat’s rue. Here is our clump this week, thriving in the crevice garden. They certainly don’t require a crevice garden as long as the soils dries quickly after a rain.

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Alstroemeria 'Indian Summer'

Indian Summer in Spring, Summer and Fall

The advancements plant-breeders have made in developing garden-worthy Alstroemeria (princess lily or Peruvian lily) is truly amazing. Modern introductions such as ‘Indian Summer’ bloom from mid-spring through fall, perhaps slowing down a bit if summer is exceptionally hot and dry. The planting of ‘Indian Summer’ in the photograph is in a small island bed (the

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Saxifraga stolonifera 'Kinki Purple'

We love a good Sax

In the plant world, plants of the genus Saxifraga, are lovingly referred to as sax’s. While we can’t grow any of the lovely alpine species, we have found a few that thrive here. Looking amazing in the garden now is the evergreen groundcover, Saxifraga stolonifera, as they have burst into flower. Who needs to see

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Syringa reticulata subsp. pekinensis

Lilacs don’t grow in the South, or do they?

Approximately twenty seven thousand different plants (27,000 taxa) make up the plant collection at Juniper Level Botanic Garden, and there was one plant that elicited a huge number of questions at the recently completed Spring Open Nursery and Garden Days. It probably helped that at 40′ tall it towered over the welcome tent (no it

Lilacs don’t grow in the South, or do they? Read More »

Conradina verticillata 'Rocky Top'

Good ole’ Rocky Top

I can hear the chants from the Tennessee volunteer faithful, as they begin humming the State song of Tennessee. Instead, we are referring to one of their finest ornamental plants from the Cumberland Plateau region (TN, KY, and SC), the Federally Threatened Conradina verticillata ‘Rocky Top’, commonly referred to as Cumberland rosemary. For the last

Good ole’ Rocky Top Read More »

Calanthe discolor 'Eco White'

Craving Calanthes

Calanthe is a genus of 235 species of terrestrial orchids. For us, the foliage remains evergreen through the winter, unless the winter temperatures are severe. We are still testing to find how many species are winter hardy here in Zone 7b. We have so enjoyed their amazing show over the last few weeks. Here are

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