Visiting the Garden

Garden Etiquette

  • Please gently touch, feel, and smell the plants, if you like.
  • Walk on the garden paths only. Stepping into the beds often spells death for small and very rare plants.
  • Please follow the photography guidelines.
  • Please sit and relax in the garden and use the chairs, decks, and other seating provided.
  • Please, no running or unattended kids in the garden. This is not a playground and rare plants are often killed by poorly supervised children.
  • Smoking is discouraged, but if you must smoke, please take your cigarette butts with you.
  • Staff will assist with plant identification.
  • Please do not take cuttings or seeds. We often wait years for the seeds to appear. Please ask if you would like to receive a cutting or seeds since we are often able to share plants that we don't have propagated for sale.
  • Pets are not permitted in the Garden, except for service dogs.

Visitors are welcome by appointment only.
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Photographing the Garden

Visitors to Juniper Level Botanic Garden are welcome to photograph and video the plants and gardens for non-commercial and personal use only. All other photography and videography, including professional, commercial, portrait, and group photography, is not permitted. Please adhere to the guidelines below.

Photography and Videography Guidelines

  • Garden photographers are welcome, but please do not move benches or labels, stage children in trees or plantings, or block pathways with equipment.
  • Please respect the gardens, plants, and other visitors at all times. JLBG is an educational, research, and display garden, not a park. Do not pick any plants or remove any plantings.
  • Please remain on the designated paths, and not on the mulched plant beds. These areas protect small plants, some are extremely rare, and the roots of other plants.
  • Please do not stage a photograph in the plantings or trees.

Garden Visitor Classifications

To assist in managing your time while you visit, we offer the following guide:

Gardeners who likes pretty flowers
30–60 minutes depending on weather
Gardeners with ADHD children or impatient spouse
45–60 minutes, forget shopping
Garden club members who don't use those pesky Latin names
60–90 minutes including shopping
Gardeners with patient children or spouse (leashed or garden-trained)
75–90 minutes, quick shopping
Beginning master gardeners
1.5–2 hours including shopping
Advanced master gardeners or equivalent, wholesale nurserymen
2–3 hours including shopping
Plantsmen/women, specialty nursery staff
3–5 hours including shopping
Plant nerds with no social life
3–10 hours not including shopping
Professional garden photographers
24–48 hours