Amorphophallus kiusianus foliage and fruit

Amorphophallus kiusianus PDN009 foliage


One of our favorite summer garden plants are the amorphophallus (love lilies), and in particular, Amorphophallus kiusianus.  The foliage, which doesn’t emerge before mid-June, resembles a miniature palm tree.  This species is very rot resistant, compared to some of the other hardy species.






Amorphophallus kiusianus PDN001 seed head changing color


Amorphophallus kiusianus also sets seed with only one flower…one of only a small number of species which can do so.  The seed initially turn pink, then age to cobalt blue in mid-summer.  We’ve had good winter hardiness reports with this into Maryland. We’re currently sold out, but will have our next crop ready for harvest in fall.

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