2005 Plant Delights Nursery August Newsletter

Well, so far we’ve dodged the hurricanes, but not the oppressive heat. Summer 2005 is heading toward being one of the hottest summers in recent history in NC. With 25 of 31 days above 90 degrees F, we just missed having the hottest July on record by a scant 0.2 degrees F. At least we’re better off than those of you reading this in Arizona. We hope wherever you are that you and your plants are at least coping until fall weather arrives.

The Plant Delights Fall 2005 catalog is at the post office today and should be in your mailbox shortly…unless your postman likes to read it first. In the meantime, you can find everything (and much more) on line at www.plantdelights.com

Our 2005 Expedition Log from South Africa is also now posted, along with nearly 300 photographs. There’s nothing quite like taking a quick, inexpensive trip via the web.


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