Fluorescent bee balm

We’ve been thrilled at the entire group of new non-running, mildew-resistant bee balms from the Walters Gardens breeding program.  Now fluorescent flowers have been added by including previously unused, little-known orange-flowered genetics. It’s hard to capture the degree of fluorescence in photos, but you’ll agree when you see them in person that these are a dramatic breeding breakthrough. The first in the series is Monarda ‘Electric Neon Pink’, and we are so pleased to help introduce this to the market. Bee sun glasses are not included.

6 thoughts on “Fluorescent bee balm”

  1. I cannot recall how I found your website, but I enjoy it very much. I live in Vermont and Maine so I’m wondering how I can figure out which of your amazing plants will grow where I live. Susan Gay

  2. This is POWerful color! Are you going to sell it? Other Bee Balm has done well in my garden. We had a deep freeze here in Houston….lots of mush in my garden. Thinking of what to plant in spring!

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