Hellebores abound at our Winter Open Gardens and Nursery Days

As we approach our first open garden and nursery day of the 2018, we wanted to share some Helleborus x hybridus photos we took in the garden this week…even though you’ll see them when you visit.  These are all our own seedlings raised here. In addition to all the named varieties we offer, we’ll have a selection of our own seedlings for sale during our open days, and if any remain, they’ll be added on-line.  We hope to see you this weekend and next. 

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5 thoughts on “Hellebores abound at our Winter Open Gardens and Nursery Days”

  1. They are gorgeous…sure wish I could make it there for the open days, but I’m back in VA with a knee injury and recent vascular surgery. Maybe next year. I did order some online from your catalog and plan to pick them up in late March.

  2. Is it possible to want them all? Plant lust is a wonderfully incurable disease. I can’t wait to see them at the Open Days

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