Mad about Mangave Redux

Plantsman Hans Hansen spends much of his time on a ladder, since that’s required when you breed plants with ridiculously tall flower spikes like Agaves and Manfredas. We continue to be amazed at the dazzling array of bi-generic Mangaves that he and his staff have created. You can follow Hans’ mangave work on the “Mad about Mangave” facebook page. In the meantime, here are a few new mangaves we’ve introduced for 2018.

Mangave ‘Crazy Cowlick’…a hybrid with the cow tongue century plant, Agave borvicornuta

Mangave ‘Dreadlocks’ – really love this one for the crazy wavy leaves.

Mangave ‘Electric Cheetah‘…looks like something out of Star Wars film.

Mangave ‘Iron Man’ has blood from the high elevation Agave montana, so there’s a possibility it could be winter hardy for us here in Zone 7b.

We’ve actually offered Mangave ‘Kaleidoscope’ before, but it sold out almost immediately…glad to finally have another crop ready.


Mangave ‘Navajo Princess’ is new for 2018, and being a cross of Agave montana and Manfreda maculosa, we’ll be surprised if it isn’t winter hardy here.

Mangave ‘Racing Stripes‘ also has a chance at being winter hardy for us due to its genes from Agave lophantha.

Mangave ‘Whale Tale’ has some genes from Agave ovatifolia, so we’re optimistic for some good winter hardiness also.  Regardless of where you live, these are amazing, fast-growing, drought tolerant container plants.  If you’re lucky enough to live in a desert or Mediterranean climate, mangaves are a landscape dream come true.  

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