2000 Plant Delights Nursery September Newsletter

Well, I hope everyone has recieved the new catalog by now, and are enjoying the exciting new plants found therein. Fall orders have certainly picked up from last year, since everywhere except Texas and parts of the deep south have had plenty of rain. So far, no hurricanes…can we make it for another month?

Actually for us, rot has been more of a problem this year…but hey, we wouldn’t be in this business if we didn’t enjoy a good challenge. Supplies on most items are still good, so expect to get most if not all of the plants on your order. This time of year, orders will be shipped as they are recieved without any backlog.

We have hired a whole new staff of shippers who are now training for the spring shipping season. Please remember however, that many plants are in the process of going dormant, so if they look a bit bedraggled…it’s only their fall appearance. Plants grown in containers tend to go dormant several weeks earlier than the comparable plant in the ground.

In the staff department, we were saddened to loose Al Glen, but he has more important chores staying home with his new baby. Who knows, we might even see Al back in a year or two. Our new production manager is Betty Wagstaff, who comes to us after 14+ years at the renown McLamb’s Nursery in Angier, NC. We are lucky to have Betty, who is a true propagating whiz, determined to make darn sure that we don’t run out of plants. -tony

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