Second round of snow

Sno Kiddin’…We average just over 5″ of snow each winter, and after yesterday, we’re hoping to turn off the snow faucet for the year. Predictions for our region were dramatically underestimated, and while we only received 5″ of snow at the nursery, nearby  locations registered 12″+ accumulations. Here are a few images from the gardens.

Nothing quite like being snowed in…my favorite time to browse on-line mail order catalogs.  At least, in a couple of days, we should be back in the 60s, so no more 200 straight hours below freezing..  

10 thoughts on “Second round of snow”

  1. Can’t believe how much snow you received…my daughter in Cary was slammed also…you have had much more snow this season than we have had in the DC area. I’m jealous, because I’m a snow lover. Looks beautiful there!

  2. Yep, 12” here (near Hillsborough). I spent some time making sure it didn’t accumulate too much on the roof of my greenhouse, but I don’t mind it in the garden. I wish we had a nice insulating layer of snow when it was so cold earlier in the month.

    Should give me time to scan the PDN new additions for 2018!

  3. I been in my Catalog we we was frozen again but I’m go use more insulation I am tired of we didn’t get as much as you got a bad back but I not stoping I love to stay in my Bible and My plant delight catalog God Bless you and your family and nursery crew I will be a customer forever Thanks so much

      1. Here in NW Ohio, where we are snow covered and below freezing for days and days, pests such as aphids, thrips, mealy bugs, white flys, well the list goes on, overwinter with no reduction in population. We have fewer reproductive generations each growing season because it’s shorter. But alas, common Garden pests are well adapted for survival. So, we snuggle in and are ever so grateful for the PDN catalogue.

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