Variegated magnolia and mahonia

If you grow many plants from seed, you already know the chance of finding variegated offspring is actually fairly good..if you have a detailed eye.  Most variegates have little if any commercial value, other than to crazy plant collectors, who will gladly trade their first born for a start.  Still, it’s always exciting when these pop-up.

Here is our seedling of Magnolia insignis ‘Significant Find’…in the ground for several years and unstably stable.

Here is our unnamed seedling of Mahonia fargesii in the garden.  Keep your eyes peeled in your own garden and when you visit others. 

7 thoughts on “Variegated magnolia and mahonia”

  1. I love variegated plants. Good name for the mahonia might similar to one Ron Determann gave to one of his variants, ‘Urin Luck’.

  2. Katherine Wagner-Reiss

    I give botanical tours at a botanical garden, and I love to point out the numerous variegated plants that we have, just in the perennial garden! Hydrangeas, Hakonechloa grass, Hostas: the list does not end, because for some reason, we humans just find them quite lovely.

  3. I just ran across this older post while searching for the existence of any variegated form of Mahonia. Has anything come of this Mahonia fargesii variegated seedling?

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