Zephyranthes katherine (rain lily) flowering

Zephyranthes katherine Govea

I hope you all had a great weekend in the garden!  With our cooler temperatures, plants are already starting their fall flush…what a great time to plant and move things around the garden.  I want to share a recent exciting horticultural moment for us…nearly a decade ago, we were given seed of a rain lily from Northern Mexico, which we promptly planted.  Most rain lilies flower for us within 1-2 years, but this one had languished in our trial beds until last week, when it finally sent up a flower.  Imagine our shock to find that we have a superb form of the rarely cultivated Zephyranthes katherine. We can only guess that perhaps it needed the recent cold winter to trigger flowering.  Now, we need to figure out how to get it propagated to share.

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