2015 Sneak Preview – New Arisaema and Silene

Arisaema Crossing Over clone 2 in flower2 (63786).cc

2015 will be the first year to share our first jack-in-the-pulpit hybrid, Arisaema ‘Crossing Over’.  This unique jack is a cross we made back in the mid-1990s of Arisaema fargesii and Arisaema heterophyllum.  The offspring inherited the best traits of both parents.  This should be a solid Zone 5 plant at least.

Silene virginica Jackson Valentine3 (63951).cc

Another “off the charts” new offering is Silene virginica ‘Jackson Valentine’.  This gem was discovered in Alabama by Colleen Keleher, and we think it may well be a new species.  Unlike the typical short-lived Silene virginica, Silene ‘Jackson Valentine’ is in its fourth year and shows no sign of slowing down. The floral show is also dramatically better and more compact than any Silene virginica we’ve ever seen. We’re estimating a winter hardiness of Zone 5b.

Only 7 days remain before the new 2015 on-line catalog goes live and these gems become available for the first time.

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