A little purple meatball

We trial several hundred newly developed plants each year, and most never grace the pages of a PDN catalog, either because of performance or a lack of uniqueness. One that has fascinated us is Dahlia ‘Grandalia Burgundy Improved’. With a height and spread of 20″, you’d swear that this dahlia had either been regularly clipped or sprayed with growth regulators, neither of which are the case. The gem has been looking quite incredible in the garden, as it moves into its third year of trial. Obviously, it’s a perennial here in Zone 7b, but would be tender farther north. We’d love to hear your thoughts..

7 thoughts on “A little purple meatball”

  1. I would love this in my garden, but in hot, humid E Texas, my experience with Dahlias has not been good. Is this one any more heat-and-mildew resistant?

  2. My concern is heat tolerance. Dahlias tend to melt in our hot and humid summers here in SW Ohio . They perk up with cooler fall weather.

  3. Were I not in zone 6b I would definitely add this to our perennial border. My attempt at dahlias here in central NJ was that they couldn’t get enough water, which wasn’t necessarily beneficial for other plants in that part of the bed. Despite all that, this is a stunning plant.

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