Allium ‘Milleniunm’ – Perennial Plant of the Year

In 1998, Massacheusetts allium breeder, Mark McDonough share a plant of his newly named Allium ‘Millenium’ with us to introduce in 2000 to celebrate the new century. After 17 years on the market, Allium ‘Millenium’ became an overnight success when it was just selected as the 2018 Perennial Plant of the Year by the Perennial Plant Association. This is a yuuuge honor as it joins a very select company of award winners.  

Allium ‘Millenium’ is now produced by the 100,000’s.  I just took this photo in the production fields of Walters Gardens in Michigan.  All of these were produced from a single quart pot they picked up from us 7 years ago.  Pretty impressive!  

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We don’t feel that breeders usually get enough credit for their amazing work, so here’s the man behind Allium ‘Millenium’, breeder, Mark McDonough of Massacheusetts.  A well deserved congratulations, and thanks for letting us be a small part of this amazing story!


3 thoughts on “Allium ‘Milleniunm’ – Perennial Plant of the Year”

  1. I bought one of these from a local nursery last summer and loved it. I ordered three more from you folks this year and then found some more plants at Thanksgiving Farms outside of Frederick, MD. It’s an amazing plant from the first spring growth to its blooming – I’ve had it blooming continuously for several weeks. Great plant!

  2. JoyceBinAtlanta

    First Allium I’ve ever planted; best purchase made last year; in bloom for 2 months and still blooming. Huge flowers that stand out even in the crowded area in which they are planted – between grass and Limemound Abelia hedge. Short plants with huge flowers and very dark green leaves. Now that I’ve seen them in bloom, I am giving them the respect they need and moving them to a prime location this fall. Beautiful, beautiful…

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