Ammocharis…the neglected amaryllid

Since we don’t have an open house in June, I wanted to share photos of Ammocharis corranica in flower now. This easy-to-grow amaryllid has thrived in the gardens at JLBG since 2004. First cousin to the better known genera like amaryllis, crinum, and lycoris, the South African ammocharis makes a very short, but incredibly showy bulb for a sunny garden spot.

2 thoughts on “Ammocharis…the neglected amaryllid”

  1. Debra Peterson

    I’m disappointed in my own efforts to grow Ammocaris. Planted in Feb 2020, it has about six leaves but no hint of a flower bud. I grow amaryllis and crinum in the same east facing full sun bed bounding the Lanai without problems so I thought it worth a chance to push the zone. Apparently 10a is just a bit too hot for it. Dang!

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