Cardamine douglassii ‘Southern Lady’ in Bloom

Cardamine douglassii Southern Lady in bloom
Cardamine douglassii ‘Southern Lady’ in bloom

As an experiment, we planted some of the native, woodland-growing Cardamine douglassii ‘Southern Lady’ in full sun last year to see if it would survive.  We figured since it goes summer dormant, it should work fine.  Well, here is a photo from the gardens yesterday…a smashing success.  It is interesting and unexpected that it started flowering several weeks later than our plants in the shade.

6 thoughts on “Cardamine douglassii ‘Southern Lady’ in Bloom”

  1. I just discovered your blog – don’t know where it was hidden.
    The one thing I was really hoping to find on these pages is not just how wonderful your plants are but a little bit about “how to”.
    Cardamine – since it’s a “woodland” plant, can one assume “woodland soil”? what kind of drainage? well drained? moist? what do you pair with it so there is no hole once it disappears?

    1. It doesn’t appear to be very picky about soils…soggy wet probably wouldn’t work, and I doubt desert sand would be good, but pretty much everything in between should be fine. The richer a soil, the better the clump will grow. Pairing can only be done by hardiness zone and climate, but we like them with curcuma.

  2. some plants flower later the year after transplanting. could this be the case with your cardamine Southern lady?

  3. Now 4 years later, the clump has expanded nicely and is in full flowering glory today, March 21, 2018. I found one seedling about 4 feet away and am wondering if it is still Southern Lady? color of flower is the same.
    We are going into upper 20’s tonight. Sooo sad!
    By the way, I paired it with Viola labradorica, both under a small leaf purple rhododendron.

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