2001 Plant Delights Nursery December Newsletter

It’s December, which means only a few more weeks remain before the new 2002 Plant Delights Nursery Catalog will hit the mail. All of the plants have been selected, the text has been written, and the photographs have been selected. Now, all that remains is to finish putting everything into a publishable format. David Lee, our master graphic arts designer/shipping manager is spending nights and weekends putting this all together.

Over 150 new plants and over 700 color photographs grace the pages of the upcoming 2002 catalog, expanded from 96 to 116 pages. We hope to have good stock on all items, although anticipating demand for a new plant is anything but an exact science.

We have essentially stopped shipping plants for 2001, unless we are apprized of a horticulture emergency to which we could respond. Newly arriving orders will be scheduled for spring 2002 shipment. Remember, there are still gift certificates. If you’re tired of getting new ties, socks, or more golf balls than you could possibly lose, you could always drop a hint for a Plant Delights Nursery Gift Certificate. A simple call to our Customer Service folks at 919.772.4794 gets one on the way, so you’ll be ready when the new catalog arrives.

From the staff at Plant Delights, we hope you have a great Holiday Season and we hope to hear from you when the new catalog arrives. God Bless America!

Final 2001 Top 20 sellers as of 12/01

1 ‘Colocasia Black Magic’
2 Muhlenbergia capillaris
3 Colocasia antiquorum ‘Illustris’
4 Salvia leucantha ‘Santa Barbara’ PPAF
5 Lobelia ‘Cotton Candy’
6 Gaura ‘Pink Cloud’
7 Tanacetum vulgare ‘Isla Gold’
8 Athyrium filix-femina ‘Frizelliae’
9 Veronica ‘Royal Candles’ PPAF
10 Athyrium ‘Ghost’
11 Lantana ‘Miss Huff’
12 Dicliptera suberecta
13 Lilium formosanum
14 Hosta plantaginea
15 Vinca minor ‘Illumination’
16 Verbena ‘Snowflurry’
17 Tradescantia ‘Sweet Kate’
18 Sedum ‘Purple Emperor’ 19 Veronica prostrata ‘Aztec Gold ‘ (formerly V. ‘Buttercup’ PPAF)
20 Physostegia virginiana ‘Miss Manners’ PPAF
21 Coreopsis ‘Sweet Dreams’ PPAF
22 Yucca rostrata
23 Lamium maculatum ‘Anne Greenway’
24 Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’ PPAF
25 Alstroemeria ‘Freedom’ PP 9,393


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