Don’t Let Gardening Bog You Down

If you have a soggy area or damp soils, don’t drain it! We have marginal aquatic perennial plants for wet soil that are great for landscaping everything from rain gardens to bog gardens. These garden perennials love moist spots and will make you fall in love with perennials that dry soil gardeners only dream of growing. Damp soil plants range from carnivorous plants like sarracenia and bog plants like hymenocallis that need full sun.

Bog with pitcher plants (sarracenia) and crinum.

Many bog plants like sarracenia also do well in containers as long as they retain consistent moisture. Click here to learn more about their culture and growing sarracenia in containers.

Pitcher plants available in our sales house.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Gardening Bog You Down”

  1. Geralyn Brower

    I have a low lying area that can have standing water for months at a time( like last summer!) .. am trying to plant trees that will get at least 15-20′ high as a screen from unsightly neighbors yard– but they have to be able to handle wet feet at times. . Have planted bald cypress, and river birch. Any that I am overlooking?

    1. Plant Delights Nursery Staff

      You may want to try wax myrtle which is evergreen, and there are several perennials that would take similar conditions such as perennial hibiscus, Louisiana iris, or helianthus.

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