Flaccid hemiboea

Back in 2013, we introduced what we thought would be a great seller for folks with a shade garden…another fall-flowering hardy gesneriad, Hemiboea flaccida. Sales were a resounding thud! So, we’re curious why, when it attracts the attention of seemingly every garden visitor during the fall season. The foliage feels like crush velvet, it’s easy to grow, and flowers in the fall, when little else is blooming in the woodland garden.  We’re befuddled. 

23 thoughts on “Flaccid hemiboea”

  1. I was too young to buy then. I would buy it and the fellow gesneriad Siningia araneosa should you bring them back. I see this grows natively in alkaline soils. Have you had to amend or is (slightly) acidic ok?

  2. If I saw that plant at your nursery I would definitely want to know what it was, showing interest, but I doubt I would want to buy it. The leaves look kind of ratty and not all that attractive, and if they look like that at your nursery I would expect them to look even worse in my garden, which does not have a staff of experienced gardeners to care for it. Just a thought.

  3. It looks lovely!
    Perhaps it is the fact that in in 9 years it only grew to 18″ that made it less attractive to buyers?

  4. I bought isome hemiboea and love it. It grows in deep, dry shade that never gets watered and still blooms. It spreads nicely in a tough spot. I’m blessed to have it.

  5. Seems like a winner with velvet leaves and maroon-striped flowers. Would be a gorgeous fall surprise in any 7b-9b woodland shade garden. Maybe this blog will boost awareness and sales will soar! What date should we put in our calendars as the ideal order date for the ideal planting time? Thanks.

  6. I was going to order one, but life stuff got in the way. When I went to look for it, I saw it was gone. I was thinking about it a few days ago wondering if I could still get some.

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