Goodbye to Pearl

Pearl Sept 2014


We lost a long-time member of our Plant Delights family yesterday with the passing of Pearl at the ripe old age of 16.  I’m sure many of you interacted with Pearl during her tenure at Plant Delights, so here is one final photo taken by Anita last week during her final trek out into the garden.  Pearl was preceeded in death by her sister, Ruby, and is survived by Zirconia, Jasper, and Henry.  We hope you’ll share your memories of Pearl here and during our upcoming open nursery and garden days that start tomorrow (Friday).

5 thoughts on “Goodbye to Pearl”

  1. Pearl would always sneak up on me especially when I was hand pruning ornamental grasses. One time, I teased her by taking a handful and rubbing her belly. She did not like that and swiped my hand. That hurt.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I could never keep track of which was Pearl and which was Ruby, but I remember at least one of them being a fantastic mouser. Also that one of them did not have a sense of humor about petting, so I mostly admired them from afar as I worked in the greenhouses.

  3. how sad 🙁 Losing our fur kids is never easy, I am sure she lived a happy & contented life at your lovely garden. I never met her as I am too far away to visit. Rest easy sweet Pearl….

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