Guess who is visiting for Summer Open Nursery and Garden???

Yes, it’s our first flowering of Amorphophallus titanum…the Titan Arum.  The scheduled release date is July 6, 2018, so tell all your friends and come join us. We will continue to update the progress in case the date of the opening night performance changes.

June 22 with our Taxonomist, Zac Hill

6.25.2018…not sure what it’s been eating over the weekend, but darn, it’s put on some weight and height…40″ tall so far.

We probably would have flowered one sooner, but back in winter 2005, we heard news that the heat went out in the UNC Charlotte Botanical Garden greenhouses, killing their flowering-size Amorphophallus titanum, so we donated out largest specimen as a replacement.  Here is our visit to see “Bella” ready to flower in 2007. 


5 thoughts on “Guess who is visiting for Summer Open Nursery and Garden???”

  1. Tony,

    This is so great to see. Looking at the 4″ pots of Amorphophallus titanum in the greenhouse back in 1993 it was just so far out of reach for an impatient horticulture student. Thank for sharing the photos.

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