Gymnocalycium ‘Paradise Pink’

Gymnocalycium PDN001 gibbosum x baldinianum3

Here’s a very special plant from the gardens here at Juniper Level that’s just stunning today, Gymnocalycium ‘Paradise Pink’.  This hybrid of G. gibbosum x G. baldinianum was created by PDN garden staffer, Mike Papay.  It’s hard to do this justice to this beauty in a photo, but it’s really amazing.  We are thrilled that it sailed through this winter with no damage.  This is a one of a kind and is not something that we are offering for sale.

2 thoughts on “Gymnocalycium ‘Paradise Pink’”

  1. I used to be totally hooked on cacti . I had no clue that Gymnocalycium is hardy, Your terrific photo just about gets me reinfected. I have a few Echinocereus that I grow in bulb shipping crates. Maybe these would like that. Lord hep mmee

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