Phlox ‘Minnie Pearl’

Phlox Minnie Pearl6

The native Phlox ‘Minnie Pearl’ has been simply incredible in the garden this spring…in bloom for weeks already and still looking great.  Phlox ‘Minnie Pearl’ is the first to flower of the upright phlox, and in our trials has never shown any sign of mildew.  You’ve never grown a phlox like this.

2 thoughts on “Phlox ‘Minnie Pearl’”

  1. I love seeing all the flowers you post but would you mind adding a comment on whether they are still available for planting this season or if we have to wait till Fall? I have a few bare spots in my garden that I would love to fill now if possible.Thank you.

    1. I’ve almost figured out how these blogs work. If you click on the highlighted name of the plant in the blog, it will take you to our sales page. If it doesn’t say sold out, it’s still available. This can be planted any month the ground isn’t frozen.

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