Happy New Year – More new plants….baptisia

Baptisia minor Blue Bonnet A1T-001 alpine sw-2 (63818).cc

I hope everyone had a wonderful new year and are recovering/gardening as your prior celebratory evening permits.  Continuing to showcase some of our 2015 introductions, we’ll focus today on baptisia…a genus on which we’ve spent a good bit of time. Baptisia minor ‘Blue Bonnet’ is a fabulous, early-flowering, heavy-blooming selection of the US native Baptisia minor, which we selected from a 1998 seed collection in North Texas.  This clone is one of the earliest to flower in our collection….usually in bud the first week of April.

Baptisia Royal Candles8 (63817).cc

Next, we have Baptisia ‘Royal Candles’…possibly the most floriferous baptisia hybrid we’ve ever seen.  This 2015 Plant Delights Nursery introduction has genes from Baptisia australis and Baptisia tinctoria, providing both vigor and an amazing number of flowers. We think you’ll enjoy this shrub-sized, drought tolerant native perennial.

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