Hostas emerging at Plant Delights

Hosta greenhouse at PDN 042014

Plants in the nursery cold frames are finally emerging as spring begins.  Here’s a new photo from one of our hosta greenhouses.  If you’re used to receiving small, recently propagated hostas from other mail order companies, we think you’ll be pleasantly shocked at the size of our hostas.

4 thoughts on “Hostas emerging at Plant Delights”

  1. Got all the photos and info on the new plants emerging this week at PDM by email. On the header of each page, there is a banner photo with 3 plants, from right:
    Hosta, Maidenhair Fern, _________________ – what is the plant w/the variegated foliage on the left? Please reply via email. Thanks!

  2. Love Hosta plant want to start my flower bed with them in 2017, I don’t know what time year do I put them out. I like to have different kind one grow kind large, please I need help, my yard is most sunny in front of my house. PLEASE Help

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