2003 Plant Delights Nursery July Newsletter

July is gone, but the summer rains are still around. We’ve still got new springs popping up everywhere around the nursery…usually in places where they aren’t welcomed. With all the rain, growth of plants (and weeds) has been exceptional this season and we hope that has been the same for most of you…minus the weeds.

The fall 2003 catalog is being printed now and will be mailed around August 12. If you don’t get yours in the mail, let us know. Remember that if you go more than two years without a purchase, our computer will unmercifully boot you from the mailing list. The only ways to stay on the list are to purchase plants or let us know that you are a gardening guru who spreads the word about cool new plants and needs to remain on the list despite not purchasing. The website should also be updated around the same time as the catalog mailing.

Speaking of purchasing, my new book, So You Want to Start a Nursery, is now available, if starting a nursery has ever crossed your mind. You can find out more about the book on our website www.plantdelights.com, or our new informational website for nursery owners and workers, www.startanursery.com.

July ended with the annual meeting of the Perennial Plant Association, held this year in Sacramento and San Francisco. The gardens there are wonderful and are full of amazing plants. For me, it was a chance to visit three places that had been on my list for ages, The Ruth Bancroft Garden, the Harland Hand Garden, and Western Hills Nursery. It’s hard for gardens to measure up after years of hype, but there was no disappointment at these three. The Bancroft garden is truly an amazing garden with a collection of agaves that rivals anything I’ve ever seen. The garden of the late Harland Hand has been maintained in immaculate shape is most certainly one of the best designed plant gardens that I’ve ever seen. If you have the opportunity to visit either of these, gardens, take it. On my last day in the bay area, it was finally time to visit Western Hills. This combination rare plant nursery and display garden is maintained beautifully by owner Maggie Wych. This is another must visit garden if you are in the Sonoma wine region near Occidental, CA.


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