Love is in the Aril-breds

When we first wanted to trial the incredible Arilbred irises, we were told in no uncertain terms that they wouldn’t share them with us because of our climate here in Raleigh. With some negotiations and sharing that we had built the crevice gardens, we were able to aquire some from Superstition Iris Gardens in 2017 and then again in 2019. Some background on these Irises. Arilbreds are half Aril Iris crossed with Bearded Iris. These have been named based on their parentage, and what their ancestry is, be it oncocyclus (O), regelia (R) or both species. Crosses between bearded and Oncocyclus are oncobreds (OB). Those with bearded and regelia are regeliabreds (RB). Most of what are commonly grown are of mixed breeding, (OGB) and the codes represent their heritage and percentage of what is in their backgrounds.

While we have killed many of these cultivars before in the open garden, when providded sharp drainage to maintain drier conditions throughout the year, they have thrived.

Iris ‘Shimmy Shake’ (OGB-/ABM) (Thomas Johnson, R 2019)

Iris ‘Smokin’ Hot’ (OBG) (Thomas Johnson R 2014)

Iris ‘Smokin’ Hot’ (OBG) (Thomas Johnson R 2014)

Iris ‘Heart of Hearts’ (OGB-) (Paul Black R 2015)

Iris ‘Dubai’ (OGB) (Thomas Johnson R 2013)

Iris ‘Enchanter’s Spell’ (OGB) (Richard Tasco R. 2013)

Iris ‘Jonnye’s Magic’ (OGB) (Lois Rich by James Whitely R 1992)

Iris ‘Jonnye’s Magic’ (OGB)(Lois Rich by James Whitely R 1992)

Iris ‘Shaman’s Magic’ (OGB) (Richard Tasco R 2014)

Iris ‘Shaman’s Magic’ (OGB) (Richard Tasco R 2014)

While these irises are very particular on what they want to thrive, it is well worth the effort to prepare a site which has great drainage and stays drier to enjoy these blooms when love is in the air in spring!

2 thoughts on “Love is in the Aril-breds”

  1. Maryann Witalec Keyes

    Thanks for letting us know about this type of iris. Will you be offering it for sale?
    Regards, Maryann

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