Lycoris ‘Stargazer’

Lycoris Stargazer8

We’re currently busy evaluating and naming lycoris hybrids for possible introduction.  Here’s a cross of Lycoris incarnata and Lycoris longituba that we’ve named Lycoris ‘Stargazer’ for possible introduction in 2015.  The question is…do you like it and would you purchase it?  Height is about 2′ tall and winter hardiness should be Zone 4-5.

11 thoughts on “Lycoris ‘Stargazer’”

  1. elaine/minnesota

    Hardiness for the parent plants is shown as 6-10 and 5-8. You have surely forgotten more than I will ever know about plants, but my sense of logic is struggling with hardiness to 4-5 for this hybrid.

    1. Good point…I think we’ve quite understated the hardiness of both parents. Almost all of the late winter leaf emerging species are turning out to be fine in Zone 4-5. I’d rather err on the conservative side until all the test data is in.

  2. It is a pretty flower although I am not sure what color this would be.It does not look white,but has a hint of pink on my computer.I would not purchase it because it is not hardy to zone 7.Otherwise I might.

  3. Anita L. Clyburn

    I’m so proud and happy to find out that someone is doing hybridation work with the spring-foliage Lycoris species!
    I currently have both L. squamigera and L. incarnata and they are both gorgeous when they bloom! The truly nice thing about Lycoris is that they all seem to be as tough as nails–anybody can grow them–and they seem to adore growing in clay soil!
    What I don’t understand is why Lycoris isn’t better known than it is.
    YES! I’d definitely buy some of these!

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