7 thoughts on “New hellebore video from Plant Delights Nursery”

  1. What a pedagogical teatcher you are! I thought I
    knew a little about Helleborus – now I know I don´t.
    Thank you for the very good lesson you have
    given to me.

    More – I found a lot of babies around one of my
    Helleborus niger yesterday. Now I know how to
    handle them.

    My hometown is Enköping near Stockholm (Sweden).
    We have had that first foolish spring today. Proof will
    be mars-april. In Sweden we have zon I – VIII, then
    alpine. I have II.

    Regards from a swede who is glad just you are there – Gunilla Skoog.

  2. I got a Helleborus ‘Penny’s Pink’ from PDN during the winter open house, and have admired it in our garden every day since. The leaves are so pretty I would grow it for that alone, but it also has great, and long lasting, flowers. With its ease of culture and critter resistance, it’s a winner.

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