New hosta hybrid…what do you think?

Hosta PDN10-004 in flowerHere’s one of our new hosta hybrids flowering today.  We curious what you think and would you buy it if we decide to introduce it?


49 thoughts on “New hosta hybrid…what do you think?”

  1. Karen Nothacker

    I like the texture showing on the foliage, but I really like the quantity of blooms. Very nice – how large does this one get?

  2. Peggy Kinnetz

    I’d buy it if it weren’t so tasty to deer or we lived in the city. But unfortuantely I’ve called a moratorium on hosta buying due to the appetites of those deer, despite it being such a favorite of mine. I love, love, love, the deep color of those blossoms!

      1. Barbara R Hall

        Thanks for the info! Yep, I’ll buy it, but then you know that my willpower isn’t good when it comes to new hostas!

  3. Gail H. McMahon

    Yes!! I most definitely need a few of these.. Names…’ Blue Valentine’ or more in line with Tony’s rowdy taste, ‘I’m Too Sexy For My…” Don’t take too long to share with the world, can’t wait to sell it to Fort Collins Nursery customers.

  4. I usually don’t let my hosta bloom as I grow them for foliage but this is a very pretty color flower. Purple Rain is a good name and I’m not necessarily a Prince fan but with such profusion of blooms, it looks like Purple Rain.

  5. Marilyn Kimbrel

    I really like the heavy blooming heads, shape of leaves and color. Would like to know the size. Yes, I would buy.

  6. Yes, indeed, the flower color is a bonus! Looks like the leaves have good substance and might be slug resistant.

  7. Julianne Parris

    It is beautiful! I love the shade of green of the leaves and the flowers are gorgeous. I would love to buy one.

  8. Jennifer Christie

    Love, love the look of it. Is there any perfume. I have replied on Twitter – its on my Wanted List. Let us know if you introduce it.

  9. Brooks Mullane

    It’s gorgeous and I love the color combinations… Yes I would buy although I can’t usually afford your new introductions.

  10. If it were smaller, yes. My Empress Woos take up all of my big shade real estate, but I’d love to tuck a fewer smaller chartreuse ones in around ’em.

  11. Elegant Deer Food is my choice for it’s name. Love it but I will need a large planter for the porch.

  12. I like the prolific flowers and the leaf color. I would likely buy it. What is it’s disease and pest resistance?

  13. The color contrast is all the better for having such impressive flowers. I would love to have this in my garden.
    This could be worthy of ‘Purple Reign.’

  14. JoyceBinAtlanta

    Deer mean I grow Hosta as ground cover under Japanese Maples on the deck. Lime green is a huge favorite of mine because it brings light to dark areas – even white isn’t as bright. This Hosta will look beautiful under the rusty red Maple, across from the a window box of Agapanthus. If and when I am able to get them, I will forever call them Limey Tears.

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