New Pink Bloodroot – teaser only

Sanguinara canadensis Plant Delights PinkPart of the fun of gardening is growing plants from seed in hopes of finding something new. In the 1990s we found a couple bloodroots, (Sanguinaria canadensis) in the Virginia mountains that had pink buds that opened white…pure white is normal.  For the last fifteen years, we’ve been growing seed from these plants in hopes of one day getting one that opened pink.  This year, we won the horticultural lottery.  In flower today is our only plant, so it will take years to have enough to share, but here’s a peek into the future.


10 thoughts on “New Pink Bloodroot – teaser only”

  1. I’m always on the lookout for the very rare & unusual – dwarf or variegated plants to go within in shade garden. I’d give anything to have 1 of those. No doubt the very 1st offering – will be extremely pricy; & for a good reason why

  2. Michael Hepler-Smith

    The sanguinaria flower is so darned evanescent. If you blink your eyes you will find the petals, still perfect, scattered on the ground. In the category of flowers least amenable to being snipped and put in a vase (even a tiny vase) place bloodroot at the top of the list. But it is a pretty and a perfect little woodland flower and here is why I like it so much: Its leaves, truth be told, are its saving grace – showy broad, green oragami medallions that last the whole summer without shrinking. Be honest, without those leaves would you care so much about your bloodroot? So, pink? Pink. That’s very nice. I want either 1. A flower, pink or white, that lasts, say, 7 days, or 2. Pink leaves

  3. Have one that has an eight to nine inch flower stalk…When I first saw it in bloom , thought, ” What is an anemone blooming at this time of the year?…Comes true to seed and blooms a month earlier than the regular Bloodroot.I treasure this plant……….New species?

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