New Redbuds

I had the wonderful opportunity recently to spend the day with NC State plant breeder, Dr. Dennis Werner in his extensive redbud breeding plots. So far, four redbuds have been named and released, including Cercis ‘Ruby Falls’ (weeping purple leaf), Cercis ‘Whitewater’ (weeping variegated leaf), and Cercis ‘Merlot’ (upright purple leaf with better color retention), and Cercis ‘Pink Pom Poms’ (double pink flowered upright). The new plants in the pipeline are almost unimaginable, from foliage colors to size, form, and even leaf shape. If you’ve never bred plants, it’s hard to imagine the incredible amount of thought, work, and time it takes to create such an amazing array of plants. Even though Dr. Werner has now retired, he will be continuing his work as a JC Raulston Arboretum volunteer plant breeder…how cool!  We’re saving some room in our garden for more of these exciting introductions that will be coming soon.

4 thoughts on “New Redbuds”

  1. Thanks a lot for letting us know about these new redbuds! I love redbuds and had a variegated one that after many years of beauty, died suddenly some years ago. I’ve been eager to get another one, as well as a weeping purple one. I hope that these redbuds will be available for sale soon!
    Please keep us posted.

  2. 2 years ago I planted a very small ruby falls. I have staked it & it is now almost 6 feet tall & I’m about to let it weep. Wondering if I should limb it up, leave it as it is, or is that a personal choice.

    1. Indeed a personal choice. Plants are available as both high grafts or low grafts, depending on your intended use. Garden visitors can find our Cercis ‘Ruby Falls’ in the Souto garden in the northeast corner.

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