2001 Plant Delights Nursery January Newsletter

The 2001 catalogs were mailed on Wednesday January 3. If you don’t receive your catalog before too long, let us know and we will try again. Local catalogs will be recieved first (usually 2-4 days). After this, customers along the I-95 corridor will begin to see there catalogs arrive (usually 4-7 days). Large cities in the midwest seem to be next (7-14 days). Other large US cities seem to take 7-21 days, and smaller more remote areas should be all delivered by the end of January. We hope you will enjoy the new format, and we welcome your comments either way.

At the end of January, orders received so far are on another record pace. While we still have plenty of most items, a few thing are already suffering from “depleted stock syndrome” Three items are out of stock, due to disease related crop failures, Carex ‘Island Brocade’, Carex ‘Silk Tassel, and Lachnocaulon anceps. We apologize for this problem, but will make these items available again as soon as possible.

As with most other nurseries, this winter has been rather trying, due to our very cold weather. While we have not experienced temperatures below 11 degrees F. (as of 1/7/01), we have been consistently cold…three consecutive weeks when we didn’t get out of the 30’s. While the plants are hopefully faring fine, many things will be later to break dormancy, and our heating bills have gone into orbit. Last year, we were paying .62 per gallon for propane, and this year, it is at $1.80, and still rising. So, what can you do to help? Perhaps sending extra chocolates would be a good start!

Thank goodness, we have seen less middle-of-the-night greenhouse temperature alarms this year, thanks to our superb facilities manager Larry Blakeman. Trust me, there is nothing quite so enjoyable as being awakened 4-5 times during the night and early morning, staggering out to a frozen greenhouse, then trying to replace a gas valve or heater motor….while watching your plants freeze to death! This is a nursery owners’ idea of living on the edge.

Okay, time to pack up for another road trip…be sure to check out the schedule of talks, and I hope to see you on the road this season…if you can’t get by the nursery for a visit!

Top 20 List, February 1, 2001
1 Lobelia ‘Cotton Candy’
2 Salvia leucantha ‘Santa Barbara’
3 Gaura ‘Pink Cloud’
4 Agave parryi subsp. huachucensis
5 Lysimachia clethroides ‘Geisha’
6 Athyrium filix-femina ‘Frizelliae’
7 Veronica ‘Royal Candles’
8 Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’
9 Sabal minor ‘McCurtain’
10 Sedum ‘Purple Emperor’
11 Lamium maculatum ‘Anne Greenway’
12 Muhlenbergia capillaris
13 Colocasia ‘Black Magic’
14 Hippeastrum x johnsonii
15 Tanacetum vulgare ‘Isla Gold’
16 Salvia chamaedryoides
17 Hibiscus ‘Kopper King’
18 Yucca shottii
19 Canna ‘Pacific Beauty’
20 Verbena peruviana
21 Trachycarpus fortunei ‘Bulgaria’
22 Yucca thompsoniana
23 Zantedeschia ‘White Giant’
24 Yucca rostrata
25 Amorphophallus konjac
26 Hibiscus ‘Moy Grande’
27 Dicliptera suberecta
28 Vinca minor ‘Illumination’
29 Colocasia antiquorum ‘Illustris’
30 Veronica ‘Buttercup’


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