One last gasp of winter

Covering plants at PDN2014

Much to our surprise, winter decided to make one last surprise visit to Juniper Level, so our garden and research staff are scrambling to cover plants who thought it was safe to come out of the ground.  Current local forecasts are calling for 32F, so that means  hostas, calanthe and bletilla orchids, and podophyllums get covered.  If the predicted low drops further, arisaemas and epimediums get covered next. A good quality spundbound polyester cover can give up to 5 degrees of protection to the plants underneath.  Fingers crossed…except for one, which I feel like stretching out and upward, but that probably wouldn’t really help.

5 thoughts on “One last gasp of winter”

  1. Thanks so much for the heads up on covering the plants. I feel like family and you care about my plants as well as yours. Carolyn

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