Pearls of Wisdom

Just back from speaking at the wonderful Davidson County Garden Symposium, held in the NC metropolis of Welcome.  It’s always an honor to share the stage with on of my idols, the 78 year young topiary artist, Pearl Fryar. In addition to being an incredible topiary artist, Pearl is truly one of the great inspirational thinkers and doers of our generation.

If you’ve never visited Pearl’s amazing topiary garden in South Carolina, I hope you can do so while he’s still able to greet and chat with visitors. Pearl tells me that recently he hosted a 40 person delegation from China, setting up tents in his garden as they studied his unique style.  If you can’t make the trip to Bishopville, SC, you can contribute to the preservation of the garden, and perhaps still catch the inspirational movie, A Man Named Pearl.

Pearl and his bride of 51 years, Metra drove up to Welcome in their new smart car…a perfect choice for this young at heart couple.  

5 thoughts on “Pearls of Wisdom”

  1. Mr Fryar I have saw lots pictures of you work you have all ways been. One of my favorite plant artist God be with and your family You will always be my pleasure to see your workGod BLESS YOU thanks for all the happiness you haven’t given me and everyone

  2. Barbara Trueheart

    Thanks for speaking at the Davidson County Master Gardener Conference. This is the second time I’ve had the pleasure of hearing you lecture (first lecture at Longwood Gardens in PA) and it’s always a pleasure! Love your humor and of course hearing about all the new plant selections that are available. Thank you especially for getting me interested in Baptisias and Epimediums. I have taken that interest from my garden in South Jersey to my current garden in NC!

  3. I was at the Davidson County symposium, too. Although I had heard of Pearl, it was my first time hearing him speak. I left inspired, especially after hearing that he didn’t start his famous garden until he was forty. Now I can hardly wait to take my family there!

  4. Pearl Fryar’s garden is not to be missed if you are anywhere near Bishopviille. (Or even if you are not particularly near.) “Unique” is an over-used word, but it truly applies to Pearl’s garden.

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