Magnolia lovers headed to Raleigh…join us!


Here’s a photo we took in the gardens last year of a new Mangolia insignis hybrid from SC plantsman Kevin Paris, who will be one of many world renown speakers at the upcoming meeting of the International Magnolia Society meeting to be held here in Raleigh, March 23-25. We look forward the amazing lineup of speakers and tours, including here at PDN/JLBG.  This is an intense group of plant nerds from around the world, most of whom are passionate about much more than magnolias.  Below is a note from President Gary Knox about the upcoming registration deadline, and how to sign up.  We hope to see you there.

The Feb 9th deadline for registration for the Annual meeting is rapidly approaching.  This is your final reminder to register for the Annual Meeting of Magnolia Society International planned for March 23-25 in North Carolina (please click HERE for details and HERE to link to online registration). Join us in Raleigh during the midst of Spring where you will enjoy blooming magnolias and beautiful gardens as well as an impressive line-up of speakers.

We are also proud to offer a pre-meeting, hands-on educational program on propagating magnolias by three prominent magnolia breeders: Ethan Guthrie, Rich Hesselein and Kevin Parris. Learn how to hybridize magnolias in one session and learn secrets to successful propagation by cuttings and grafting in two other sessions. This Friday morning program (March 23) requires separate registration and payment, available by clicking HERE.

Don’t miss out on attending the annual meeting in Raleigh! Please register now!



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