Penthorum sedoides (Ditch Stonecrop) – a US native perennial

Penthorum sedioides 2AL13-003 in flower

So, who is growing Penthorum sedoides?  Who has ever heard of Penthorum sedoides?  Well, it’s a US native perennial wildflower that can found in all but nine midwestern US states. It’s quite fascinating in flower now in our trial gardens, but I question whether anyone would actually buy it.  Thoughts?

Penthorum sedoides

8 thoughts on “Penthorum sedoides (Ditch Stonecrop) – a US native perennial”

  1. always looking for unusual ground over for our Connecticut garden Z6. What does this plant look like in the other three seasons?

  2. I’ve seen that many times in the wild (eastern and central NC). I’d always notice it, but my interest was never so piqued that I’d key it out. I think it would be a tough sell.

  3. If it will flower in >part sun, I’ve certainly got the mucky, wet soil for it. If it’s tough enough to flower in a ditch, it has a place in my garden.

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