Persian Ironwood Ablaze with Color

Looking out our home window this week, I shrieked that the Persian ironwood, Parrotia persica was in flower, while Anita looked on as though I’d lost my mind- which isn’t a rare occurence. I grant you, most folks probably don’t get as excited as I do, over flowers that normal folks can barely see, but I find mid-winter flowering trees like parrotia, fascinating. Parrotia is a cousin to other winter-flowering woody plants in the Hamamelidaceae family. Those include Hamamelis (witch hazel), Distylium, and Corylopsis (winter hazel). So, if you have a parrotia in your garden, check out the clusters of small, but colorful flowers

Parrotia persica

3 thoughts on “Persian Ironwood Ablaze with Color”

  1. Are your many previous blog posts now offline? I tried searching for content in the search box above but nothing appears.

  2. I love this tree!!! I have several including Vanessa which is a more upright grower. In addition to the spring flowers, the fall foliage is magnificant and the bark rivals the crape myrtles. The only fault I have is that it will produce suckers sometimes.

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