Plant Delights adds a PayPal option…especially for foreign customers

We want to mention again that in response to customer requests, especially from our International customers, we’ve added a PayPal payment option to our checkout for 2015.  This is also available for domestic customers.  As plant collectors ourselves, we realize the importance of making plants available to collectors around the world, so we are delighted to ship worldwide.  To do so, each plant must be hand scrubbed…roots and all, before they are inspected and issued a phytosanitary certificate by Federal inspectors.  We realize that this cost and the cost of shipping overseas isn’t inexpensive, so larger orders are the most economical.  If you live overseas and only want a few plants, consider contacting others via social media and combining your order, thereby reducing the per plant cost of shipping. Weather is also a little tricky for foreign orders since we must plan on bureaucratic delays when the plants arrive in your country. Foreign orders are usually scheduled during milder weather to allow the shipment to survive during these almost certain delays.  Again thanks for your orders and your feedback…we are listening!

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