Plant Delights Catalog Production Video

I hope those of you in regions of the county experiencing a brief warm period are enjoying time out in the garden. I’ve been out most of the morning, and after a lunch break will head back out…lots to plant.   If you’re in a colder zone and stuck indoors, you might enjoy this short video shot and edited by my stepdaughter Katie, when we printed the spring Plant Delights Nursery catalog.  Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Plant Delights Catalog Production Video”

  1. Is there supposed to be a video as an attachment? I didn’t find it … but it might be because I’m opening the blog on my IPad, rather than a desktop or laptop.

  2. Yikes! We need to fix this post since I am not able to open the video on my desktop or my ipad. Sorry dear readers…we’ll take care of it when Tony comes in from the garden tonight.

  3. What a splended idea to show all printing works
    in the printing work! My father owned one and I
    loved to visit him and look at all different kind of
    papers and colours. And all the machines that
    worked all day long. No daterns, only professional
    hands working presicly and quick. They had a
    good reputation.

    He gave me my love for coulors, letters, flowers
    and all combinations.

    I am looking forward to have your catalogue in
    my hands.

    Best regards from Sweden – 30 cm snow –
    to you – Gunilla Skoog.

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